Friday, May 3, 2013

Orthopedic Specialists and Shoulder Pain

I went to see the orthopedic specialist about my shoulder this week. It's been bothering me for over five months now and I just had to do something about it!

I went and saw my husband's orthopedic specialist (the one who repaired his ACL in January) because he specializes in sports injuries, which is what mine is. Weight lifting caused the injury. Our doctor is really great and was able to give me a lot of answers, which helped a lot.

So the result is that it's a rotator cuff injury (specifically he thinks it's tendonitis from bursitis) and probably not anything that requires surgery. He thinks physical therapy will do the trick, so I'll be back in the office in July for a check-up. He gave an injection in the shoulder yesterday (OW!) but today things are feeling surprisingly a lot better. (I've also been told to take Ibuprofen for the pain, so that might be part of it.)

He gave me a list of exercises I can do, but I am going to wait until the physical therapist (first visit the 15th after vacation) sets me up with those, and meanwhile just work on the posture suggestions (and drugs) that the doctor prescribed.

Overall, I admit it is exciting to hear that my crooked shoulder is not an injury but it is normal. "Just how I'm built," I was told. The downside is that those injuries will be more common because of my weird shoulder. Apparently the muscles don't have enough to "push off of" because my left shoulder has a big gap in it between the joint and the collar bone. Not bad, I guess, just different, so the weakness will always be there a little.

Meanwhile, I look forward to PT, and then getting back into my workout regimen. I'm thinking of starting with yoga so I can do some strength and flexibility training, but that will be something that needs to be cleared with the PT. I'm just happy right now that there's hope! :)

P.S. The doctor said rowing and kayaking will be a an excellent future exercise when I'm healed, but not this year. (It's Nick's newest legless hobby.) He said if Nick and I need a hobby together this summer, we can go to physical therapy together. Thanksss.... :-P