Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Elkmont Campground in Tennessee

The second part of our mountain vacation involved camping at my favorite Elkmont Campground inside the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. I was excited because Sadie was able to come with us this time. She's so well-behaved, even in such an interesting and exciting place as the deep woods, that you can't not want her there!

Sadie checking out the truck of Nick's car
 We enjoyed, as usual, wandering over into the Elkmont village. This is one of my favorite sites. It used to be a logging camp and then it was changed to a place where people vacationed. The owners were granted lifetime leases and the last one expired in 2001.

Which is a friendly way of saying the guy finally died. The injustice of it all bothers me very much, but the homes are also really cool to check out. It makes me sad to think that the original owners' descendants can't enjoy their family cottage any longer!

A view of the Elkmont homes

Sadie being a good girl at the campground

Tents and tarps, oh my

Lots of campfire cooking was done that weekend

The best seat in the house
Highly recommend Elkmont campground!