Friday, May 3, 2013

Naturally Straight Hair

I have naturally straight hair. Like, stick straight. I mean, some of my friends hate me because I can let my hair air-dry and it comes out perfectly straight (although the older I get, the less my hair cooperates).

I have always wanted wavy hair--not curly hair, just wavy. My hair is long and I love when it has some wave, but it has to be consistent waviness.

Just last night I read something about how sleeping with your hair in a sock bun can yield pretty waves. Well, you know me, I hate having perfectly straight hair, so if someone says it works (and it doesn't sound too uncomfortable) I'll give it a try.

Step 1: The sock bun!

I put my pre-curl hair spray all over the ponytail before I started. Also my hair was slightly damp. If you don't know how to do a sock bun, this video is pretty helpful:

 Step 2: Go to Sleep

I hate being uncomfortable in bed, and that usually means that I hate wearing my hair up. I like it loose and free and comfortable. But a sock bun doesn't hurt too much, and it stays up high so you don't have to lie on it. It's a win-win.

Step 3: Remove Sock and Style

If your hair is still damp in the morning, I'd recommend using a diffuser to dry it out inside the bun. Pull the bun out, style as usual!

It's not perfect, and honestly, I don't think the waves last as long as ones made with a curling iron (even with curl lotion applied after the bun is removed) but they are a lot more effortless than curling iron waves. I think I'll do this style while camping next week! :)