Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Emma was the first Jane Austen novel I've ever read, and quite honestly, the only one I've liked. (I enjoy the film adaptations of Austen novels.) When I read Emma the first time, I was also using my Kindle for the first time. I enjoyed the book so much, I read it in about two days, and even stayed up all night to finish it. I loved the way that the story took my by surprise, a bit like a Charlotte Bronte novel might.

The Book

As I said, the book held my attention like crazy. (Not more than any other book though. I love books. Live vicariously through books. I don't think one book necessarily thrills me more than another, just in a different way. Unless it doesn't thrill me at all...that's a different story entirely.) I really enjoyed reading this book and related to the main character, her friendships, and her interests. That's one of my favorite things about reading: getting to "be" someone else for a short time and learning what makes them feel and be the way they are. It's a lesson in relating. I won't give any spoilers about what happens though, if you haven't read it. 

The Miniseries 

I recently started watching Emma the miniseries. I'm only halfway through, but so far I think the makers captured the mood that Austen presented in the novel. And I love Jonny Lee Miller as Mr. Knightley. I've liked him ever since I watched Byron, although if I'm being honest, I was only watching that for Stephen Campbell Moore. (More on that romance another time.)

Jonny Lee Miller as Mr. Knightley
In short, I recommend both the book and the miniseries. This comes from a girl who isn't a big Jane Austen fangirl, so this recommendation should not be taken too lightly. I have not yet watched the Gwyneth Paltrow version, but I'm sure I will one day, once this one stops holding my attention.

I'm being dramatic. Do what you will with this recommendation.

(And don't watch any Stephen Campbell Moore movies. He's mine.)