Saturday, January 4, 2014

Project Committments

I just realized I may be a tad overcomitted. This year (and yes, it is day 4) I have already committed to:

  • January Reset (a project where you create a list of home cleaning goals and tackle one a day until your house is clean)
  • 500 Words a Day which lasts for who even knows how long, but whatever, because I need to do it and finish this novel anyway
  • Finish the novel and get to the point where I am agent shopping this very year, NO EXCUSES
  • Take a 12 week writing course starting in 3 weeks 
  • 100 Days of Happiness where you take a picture of something that makes you happy every day for 100 days.
  • Project Declutter. I just want more clean spaces in my home. 
I need a drink. 

Oh wait, I CAN'T drink. 


  • Also, I was kind of thinking of doing a creative project a week. Or month. Or season. I don't want to overcommit to creative projects. That never goes well. 
What creative projects do you have in mind for 2014?

Some resources for home projects. (We rent so we can't do too many major overhauls, but there are plenty of options for making our space better!)

Project organization inspiration - love this! I think my special favorites are #2 and #7. I've been wanting to do #7 for so long. We have such nice high ceilings at our place!

Swedish living - Project declutter stems from my instant oohs and aahs when I see any Swedish living space. Does my house look even remotely close to that clutter free? Ha. Ha. Ha. I should take a clue from what I like.