Wednesday, January 15, 2014

More Loathsome

I'm on a roll now. I thought of some more.

  • Pedestrian Right of Way - It's just, fine, go. But at least look, okay? If you don't value your life, that's your choice, but please don't make me be the one to take it. 
  • Baby Craze - Why are people always trying to convince me to have a baby? I don't hate babies, I just like adults more. There are 2 reasons this bothers me. 1) I have expressed a lack of interest in babies, so when people tell me to have one, it's like they have no discretion whatsoever about parenting. Isn't "people who don't want kids having kids" supposed to be one of the things we're avoiding? Yes, I will be a responsible parent if ever I become one because I am a responsible person, but still. I hope you're not encouraging all of your drunken friends to become parents too. Those babies are going to be the next generation. Aren't we lucky? 2) Just because becoming a parent was the most fulfilling thing you've ever done doesn't mean that it will be for me. The most fulfilling thing I'VE ever done was finish a few major writing projects. You don't see me walking around shaking people: "OMG, you have GOT to write a novel..." No, that's MY thing. Yours is babies. 
  • Skinny Girl Hate - This one REALLY gets under my skin. All this talk about "real women having curves" and pictures of skinny women equaling "body hate." "Fat girls are the majority" they say. Isn't there a bunch of blather about not hating on minorities, because I am not feeling the love. I got a box of chocolate at school once and a fat girl said "GOOD, now she'll eat." Thanks, jerk. I actually really like food, and I like being healthy, and I like working out. I also like binging on chocolate and lying on the couch for four days straight. Why does anyone feel the need to talk about my body and why do I feel the need to defend myself? I never talk about other people's bodies. I don't even care. If I shared a picture of some body part I was proud of because I worked hard making it look nice, that wouldn't be "body shaming" for someone else. It isn't even about you. People say "how do you do it?" and their eyes glaze over when they hear the words "vegetables" and "gym." 
  • Republicans and Democrats - Let's just get rid of both parties now. 
  • People Who Don't Get It - This picture says it all: