Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Gatsby, and the Rest of My College Dreams

This past weekend when my friend Aisha was in town, we went to see Gatsby in theaters. I can't pretend that The Great Gatsby is my favorite novel even though F. Scott Fitzgerald is one of my favorite writers. I wanted to see this film particularly because I believe Fitzgerald to have been a visionary of his time. (Refer to my Master's  for further information.) He writes in a cinematic style that no filmmaker has previously been able to capture.

Well, the film certainly captures that over-the-top decadence that is a feature of every piece of Fitzgerald writing. I was not even at all disappointed in the Jay-Z soundtrack. It worked for me. Quite well actually.

I believe that Fitzgerald himself wouldn't have been disappointed in the production.

It's funny because a lot of people I know have said that they didn't like the film. My opinion is that you have to live and breathe Fitzgerald in order to get it. I think this is exactly how he would have wanted it to be. Insane, ostentatious, over the top, ridiculous, pop-culture infused....

You can't read Gatsby in high school and decide how the film has to be made (which is what too many critics seem to want to do). You have to read everything he's ever written and then write a thesis on him, and THEN tell me that Baz Luhrman did it wrong. I'm willing to bet after you've read everything--including perhaps my thesis--you might concede to my point.

Have I ever mentioned that writing my thesis on F. Scott Fitzgerald was a dream come true for me? This film depicted everything that I ever had to say about him...