Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Thing About Trying New Things Is...

I don't try new things.

It's just not in my nature.

If I haven't wanted to do something my whole life, or been interested in something for a very, very long time, it will never occur to me to try it.

The same goes for things I am not all interested in.

I have never once in my entire life thought, "Hey, skydiving sounds fun," because it doesn't. It sounds like it sucks. So I will never do it.

But every once in a while, I try something crazy and different, not because I thought of it, but because my husband thought of it, and for some strange reason, I believe that he has a pretty good idea of things I'd like.

Life Before Nick

Before Nick and I got together, I'd be pretty happy if my life consisted of a few simple things:
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • A little art and a little crafting
  • Gardening
  • Reading
  • Watching some shows and some movies
  • Eating some good food, with the occasional dabbling in new cuisine at someone's recommendation
  • Being a Republican
  • Daydreaming
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Reading
You get the idea.

Reading at Argo Tea in Chicago. Tea and Books? Don't mind if I do!

But then, we started dating, and he got me interested in a whole bunch of things that I was either mildly interested in or never before interested in.

All of the above is still true, of course (except the Republican thing). But since then, I've added some new ones.

Life After Nick

  • Backpacking, camping, and general woodland adventures. I had never spent a night outside before we started dating. Can you believe that? I'm now obsessed, most of my clothes are sports wear or outdoor wear, I've probably spent a thousand dollars on items to feed that hobby, and I run my own backpacking website. What? Now I always loved the outdoors and the woods, but I am now intimately acquainted with them in a way I never thought possible. (More on that later.)
  • Vacationing. Sure, I've been on vacation, but Nick makes vacation a complete adventure, from start to finish. And the fact that I cashed in thirteen weeks of vacation when I resigned from Home Depot was something Nick promised me would never happen again. (Although to be fair, what college student can afford to go on vacation?) To date, Nick and I have been to Kentucky, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Montana, Wyoming, Mexico, Hawaii, and Washington. That's more than I traveled in my life before we got together. 
  • Cooking. I always thought learning to cook would be fun, but I was never that good at it. Nick is a great cook and always getting better, so watching him in the kitchen was an inspiration to me. I now thoroughly enjoy it and love trying new things. (Just not every day.)
  • Trying new foods. Sushi, a favorite because of Nick. Um, beer? Thank you, Nick. There are probably more, but those are the biggest changes because of him. 
  • Fitness. I didn't work out. One of my friends said, "Crystal doesn't like to sweat." And I still don't, but I love the adrenaline rush, the physique of being fit, the sense of accomplishment I get from benching a surprise weight or hiking 22 miles in 36 hours (on my honeymoon...) This has led me to care about health in surprising ways, from introducing organic foods into my diet to cutting processed foods, and more! (Nick's not responsible for all that, but the change in my mindset can be attributed to him!)
  • Excitement about pursuing my passions. Unlike anyone else I know--and there are people pulling for me all over the place--Nick pushes me to seek after my dreams. I am so grateful to be married to someone who not only supports my dreams but also is willing to deal with the sacrifices that might comes from that. (Things like not having kids and not eating dinner very often. I try to make up for it when I can.)
The list goes on.

Nick and me at Mount Rushmore on the road trip that led to our engagement

I guess the point of this post is that I am pretty darn blessed to be spending my life with a guy who not only has my back, but also helps me to be better than I am in so many ways.

No, this isn't a post about bragging, this is a post about chilling out and waiting for the right person to walk into your life. Who wants to make it work with just anyone when someone this wonderful, this great of a match for you, is probably sitting around all sad and mopey wishing that you existed?

Me and Nick at Red River Gorge on our first backpacking trip together
I was the one moping. Nick was the one climbing mountains. You get the idea though.