Monday, April 29, 2013

Incendiary: A Surprisingly Valid Film for Our Times

This week I watched the film Incendiary. It's no secret I love Michelle Williams, and also have an unprecedented fondness for Matthew Macfadyen and Ewan McGregor. These three actors were the reason I watched the film in the first place, but I was struck by how a film five years old could have such validity for these times.

The Plot of Incendiary (Only Spoilers Included)

There aren't a lot of spoilers for this film because it is an indie-style film (not 100% sure if it is actually independent or not) and the truth comes out pretty early on in the film. But this is the story of a woman who loses her family to a bombing at a recreational sporting event. The emotionally-driven plot, the coping, the struggling, the search for validation and comfort, all are addressed. 

Modern Relevance

This film isn't that old--five years--and at the time of its release, bombings and terrorism were already a reality we lived with, but this film takes on some new significance after the Boston marathon bombings this past week. The fact that hits home is the loss of young, innocent life, the death of children. I also appreciate how in this film the family of the bomber is humanized and for once we take a look at how they are affected. As a society, we often assume that the terrorist came from a family of terrorists and that the family isn't experiencing valid pain and grief themselves.

I'm not saying this film was the film that says it all, by any means, but I appreciated the little snapshot of people affected by disaster. I recommend checking this film out if you can. 

Also, while we're at it, I recommend Amazon Prime Instant Video as well.