Friday, December 27, 2013

2013 Wrap-Up

It's only December 27, but I'm ready to wrap up 2013. It hasn't been a bad year, but it hasn't been a great one either, so cheers to new beginnings. (Non-alcoholic cheers, of course.)

Between hospital visits (not mine, though this week I came pretty darn close) and a few personal health concerns, this year took a weird downward swoop, but at least there were still a good many things to be excited about. Here are my highlights:

  • Husband had his ACL repaired and it was totally successful
  • Went on vacation to Tennessee and stayed in a sweet cabin with my family
  • Started physical therapy for my rotator cuff injury, rocked it, and feeling good as new now
  • Celebrated my first wedding anniversary and I'm more than halfway to another one now
  • Wrote a lot of drafts of my novel and working on an advanced draft now--I call that success! 
  • Got not one but two visits from my BFF, as well as a bunch of other visits from a bunch of really awesome friends! 
  • Started working out more...running! Yikes. Never thought I'd do that. 
  • Ate much healthier all year. Yay, organics. 

The big thing for 2014 is the goal setting. No more 13 different goals. Forget that. I have just a few. 
  1. Finish the novel. 
  2. Keep living healthy. 
  3. Travel more. 
I'd like to expand my wish list for 2014, but you know what...I'm not going to. That looks pretty good to me.