Sunday, March 2, 2014

Monthly Challenges

I finished the UP Challenge, with 2700 steps to spare.

I've got one thing going for me: if I say I'm going to do something, I do it.

One thing that I've learned about myself throughout my life though is that 90 day challenges are a little too intense for my liking. I prefer a nice 30 day challenge. That's a future I can account for a little better. I am only giving myself 3 challenges for the month of March so far. These are:

  1. Exercise every day
  2. Eat vegetables every day
  3. Attempt to spend NOTHING every day
  4. Read the Bible every day
  5. WRITE 1,000 words
Number 3 will be impossible, but I would like to see how I can do when I'm consciously avoiding making a purchase. (I'm guessing I'll just spend several hundred dollars once a week instead of spreading it out, but that's also something for me to observe.) I tried number 4 in December and did wretchedly, but we'll see. As for number 5, that will be hard, but I really want to get moving on this poor novel that's been hiding behind my step challenge for the past month at least. 

Overall, I enjoyed the step challenge and I look forward to doing another now that I have this bracelet! :)