Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Missing in Blogging Action

This summer has been...less than I expected it to be. It's been exhausting and overwhelming, not to mention underwhelming. I know, it sounds like an oxymoron, and maybe it is, because this summer has been very conflicting. Things have looked up, then turned downward, all summer long. I was really looking forward to taking some trips, having some adventures, doing some writing...I feel like I've spent the entire summer canceling plans, sitting in waiting rooms, driving all over the place for anything but "fun and adventure" and recovering. (The recovery part has been the most "fun" because it usually involves a few beers, but the bad part is I'm usually so exhausted after the second one that I fall asleep. Fun = over.)

So, I want to say "I'm back," but with the unexpected nature of all that's been getting in my way this summer, who's to say what "back" really means? How about this. I want to be back, and I will make an effort to make that truly happen.

This print seemed like the appropriate closer for this post, although to be honest, the "time" factor has been a little out of my hands this summer! I suppose I could restrict myself to a single beer and a little work instead of being so darn lazy ;)